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About Fundraising

Fundraise with Purdys Chocolatier and earn up to 25% profit on your order!

How to get started:

  1. 1. Find a group of people who like (or love) chocolate and want to fundraise for a common cause.
  2. 2. In your group, appoint a 'Coordinator'. They will be responsible for:
    • Ordering brochures
    • Managing your group's activities
    • Deciding on how to manage the fundraising profits for your group
    • Submitting your group order to Purdys Chocolatier
  3. 3. Contact us to set up your Coordinator account

When you contact us, we will help set up your Coordinator account, so you can log in and create your group.

The only other information we need is how many brochures you would like for your group.

Please note, there is a minimum purchase of $400 required to submit your order.

Placing Orders:

Orders will be placed on our website at

Payment Methods:

The following chart shows acceptable methods of payment:

*Important: Please allow 5 business days for payment processing, and up to 8 business days when paying by cheque.




Sell More Chocolates? Raise More Money!

You may qualify for a 2.5% or even 5% rebate on a large fundraising order.

  • Orders between $4000 to $7999.99 - You may qualify for a 2.5% (incl tax) rebate on your order
  • Orders above $8000 - You may qualify for a 5% (incl tax) rebate on your order.

Important Order Information:

  • Canadian orders only






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