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Purdys Chocolatier was first established in 1907 in Vancouver, B.C.
We are Canada’s home of the finest chocolate, caramel, nuts, and other decadent delights.
 Why Purdys?
Beside the fact we’ve been producing some of the world’s best tasting creations since 1907, as a family-owned, Canadian business, there are three distinct reasons to choose Purdy’s.

1. Quality


We use only the world’s finest ingredients in our creations.
Our decadent dark chocolate has remained the same since 1907 when Richard Carmon Purdy invented the secret recipe. Our milk chocolate, as well as our vanilla white chocolate are both unique blends of Belgian chocolate.
Purdy’s signature caramel is also the same classic recipe from 1907. Once you taste it in our delicious chocolates, you’ll realize why we continue to grow as a business!
We get our pecans from Georgia, our macadamia nuts from Australia, cashews from India, and almonds from California. As well, we get our luscious cherries from Oregon, and our creamy peanut butter from the Fraser Valley, in British Columbia.
All of our products are inspected through each creation process, and only the finest of products are passed through to you, the customer.

2. Value


Our goal is to create the world’s best product, while keeping the prices affordable for our customers. Why pay more elsewhere?

3. Freshness


Using only the freshest ingredients, like fresh local dairy, freshly roasted nuts, and real fresh fruits, we guarantee a top quality product every time.
Our creams are made with real 18% milk-fat cream, not sugar and water.
Purdys Program 
We care about our customers! We want to help you by saving you money, fundraising, or other sweet dreams you might have. Click the links for more info.
 1. Group Purchasing Program
Save 25% OFF all your orders when you order in a group! Minimum purchase of $600 (after discount) required.
 2. Fundraising Program
Want to raise funds for an organization or cause of your choice? Purdy’s Chocolatier offers sweet fundraising options. Earn 25% profit!


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